Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Hi! Just a little update from me. I don't know where exactly to start so well I finally graduated from college last June. Okay lets see what have I been doing all these while after graduation. I traveled quite a bit to places such as Singapore, Malacca, Sibu, Kuantan, Kemaman, Manjung, Ipoh, Cameron Highlands, Taiping, and Penang. And mostly for church activities and some family bonding time/sight-seeing. Yeah, you're right I traveled to all these places within 6 months. Fuh!

Oh! Besides traveling, I also took up a part time job in a music school nearby my place. It's just a 20 hours per week kind of job which means to say I have plenty of me-time doing things that I like! Besides that 20 hours, I also furthered my studies in music which requires me to commit at least an hour weekly for classes and that's excluding the "study" time. Okay I admit, not that I really sit down and study every single day! Haa!

I have been spending time with friends and family in the past 6 months (July-Dec 2011). Rachel, my bestie was back for holidays in Sept-Oct and we spent quite a bit of time together. Together with the twins (my besties too!) and Rachel, all four of us had a good bonding time. Tho we are far apart but our hearts are close to each other. We might only meet up once or twice a year but we have endless stories to share whenever we meet. These are people who really listen to my crap and make my heart smile. I love them all dearly. Priceless moments!

After the sis' major exam in Dec, we had a blast too! Shopping was on our top list as well as all the coffee and lunch dates. Oh, how I enjoy her company! We don't have to say much to each other but we just enjoy one another's presence.

It's the people that I enjoy being with, not so much of the place. I truly treasure them. Happy Valentines! I love you all.